UV lights are devices that produce artificial sunlight or ultraviolet light to kill mold spores and bacteria in your heating and cooling system.

Germicidal / UV LightsThere are two different basic types of UV light systems, one for killing air borne mold and bacteria in the air streamof your HVAC system and one for killing mold in the condensate drain pan and the fin surface area of the cooling coil.

Germicidal Air Purifiers
These devices are designed to kill airborne mold and bacteria in the air stream of the HVAC system as the air is pulled back into the air handler/furnace.

The air purifier mounts in the return duct work and uses a powerful UV-C light source to clean the air before it is discharged into the cooling coil and ultimately into your living space.

Coil Mounted UV Lights
This type of UV light is designed to keep the cooling coil condensate drain pan of your HVAC system clean and mold free.

They are mounted above the cooling coil and bathe the surface area of the coil and the interior of the supply duct with a UV light that is very effective at reducing or eliminating any mold or bacteria growth.

Both types of UV light need yearly light bulb replacement and occasional cleaning. Other that this maintenance, these systems are trouble free and dependable for years.

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