Home Assessments

Referring back to our post the other day: Energy Audits

There are two types of services that can be performed on your home – complete energy audits and home assessments. 


Assessment (Free) – What Occurs?

  • Educating the Home Owner: BPI Certified Technician explain how a house works – and the whole-house approach to comfort issues.
  • Visual Inspection:
    • Attic bypasses, insulation levels, health and safety issues, duct inspection
    • Living space comfort issues
    • Crawl space / basement bypasses, insulation levels, duct inspection, health and safety issues


Audit ($400 for two-system homes) – What Occurs?

  • Includes Everything Listed for the Assessment Plus:
  • Scientific Diagnostic Tests:
    • Blower Door Testing (tests air leakage of the house)
    • Duct Blaster Test (tests air leakage of the ducts)
    • Carbon Monoxide Tests (on all gas appliances)
    • Written Detailed Report Provided (findings, plus resolutions and efficiency of the home compared to other homes)

Regardless of which course of action you choose to follow, consider having Reliable Heating & Air visit your home today to check your home for the proper performance. Everyone deserves the comfort, health and safety a high performance home can provide.


Schedule your appointment today! 770-594-9969

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