Is Your Home Too Humid

Humidity levels

One of the biggest concerns most homeowners have in the summer is the amount ofhumidity levels inside their home. There is one very simple mistake many homeowners make in the operation on their HVAC systems and by simply correcting this small issue, humidity came be reduced up to 20% to 25% all summer long.

A common mistake many people make is running their furnace fan in the “on” position constantly trying to achieve air circulation and ventilation, but instead end up putting the humidity and moisture their air conditioner just removed back in the air in the home causing a musty smell, mold growth and uncomfortable conditions.

For many years, there has been a myth that it is desirable to run the furnace fan in an HVAC system in the “on” or constant fan run position to better mix the air in the home and provide better air cleaning. This practice was started and promoted by the manufacturers of air cleaning systems that felt this mode of operation would help people believe the furnace mounted air cleaners would bring about better indoor air.

This was not the case as a furnace filter’s job is to keep the furnace and air conditioner coil clean allowing it to operate properly and efficiently. The negative side effect of the fan running all the time is a condition called re-humidification.

Re-humidification occurs when the fan air moves across the removed water collected in a small drain pan or collector basin mounted on top of the furnace and that water is sent back into the air stream as a vaporized mist. An air conditioner will remove gallons of water every day out of a home and it is supposed to run outside the home in a small plastic drain line and evaporate.

The fan running picks up this just removed moisture and adds it right back in the air that was just dehumidified. This up and down moisture removal will make a home seem muggy and uncomfortable all the time and people will normally just keep turning down the temperature in the home trying to achieve comfort with no positive results.

The only setting you want to use on your thermostat is automatic which will allow the fan to cut off after your outdoor air conditioner finishes its cycle. For more information, call Reliable Heating & Air.

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