Zoning Systems

Do you ever wonder why certain rooms are hot in your home while others are cool? You may need to properly zone your HVAC system.

Zoning systems are installed to allow multiple thermostats and heating and cooling zones to be connected to one heating and cooling system.

A zone is defined as a room or group of rooms to be controlled separately by its own thermostat. One can have 2 zones up to many zones connected to one furnace and air conditioner.

Zoning works on the concept of motorized dampers or “doors” in the duct work that open and close to provide heated and cooled air to each individual area in the zone.

Often times builders will install one central heating & cooling system in a home with 2 floors with each floor having different heating & cooling needs.

The rooms in which the thermostat is located will always have the most comfort while the other rooms will be hotter or colder.

By installing zoning one will save energy dollars and find enhanced comfort through temperature control of each separate area.


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