Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

There are so many potential electrical hazards in the daily life of a young child, it never hurts to remind them how to respond. Here is a list of the most dangerous obstacles:plug

  • Always ask a grown-up to help you when you need to use something electrical. (This includes plugging in/recharging a pad or phone!)
    Never put your fingers or ANY objects in or around an electrical outlet.
  • Keep drinks, liquids and burning candles away from electrical equipment.
  • Always turn off electrical equipment after you’ve finished using it. Also, have an adult unplug the equipment if it is still attacbulbhed to an outlet.
  • Have a grown-up change out a burnt out light bulb.
  • After taking a bath or washing your hands, stay away from electrical equipment until you are completely dry.
  • Don’t leave out electrical cords on the floor. Make sure cords are clear of pathways to ensure no one trips on them and pets don’t chew on them.
  • Never yank an electrical cord from an outlet. Pulling on the cord can damage the plug, the outlet or the appliance.dolce_socket
  • Don’t overload an outlet or extension cord. It could damage your home’s electrical system or even cause a fire.
    Keep electronics/appliances away from water. Most electrical accidents in the home happen when people use electricity around water.
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