ComfortGuard Smart Monitoring

Reliable Heating & Air is bringing to Georgia smart maintenance technology that arms Georgia homeowners and business owners with the insight and guidance you need to take control of your heating and cooling equipment.

Reliable Heating & Air has teamed with Emerson to be first-to-market with an innovative and Smart HVAC Monitoring solution, ComfortGuard.  Combined with Reliable Heating & Air’s comprehensive maintenance programs, ComfortGuard represents a Smart Monitoring option with unprecedented insight regarding your heating and cooling system.ComfortGuard-HVAC-Monitoring

ComfortGuard is like having your own expert HVAC technician dedicated to monitor your heating and cooling system. A sensor package is installed on your HVAC system to monitor key performance metrics. Sensor data is transmitted to a monitoring station where auto-alerts are generated for out-of-range operating specifications.

Automated timely communication is sent directly to you with system reports, alerts and repair verification.  Get real time insights you need to manage your HVAC better.

The Smart Maintenance Plan with ComfortGuard Offers You True Peace-of-Mind

  • Monitor your system status from anywhere, anytime via email, a mobile app, or web site portal with private login.
  • Every alarm is analyzed and verified by expert technicians before a Service Call response is activated.
  • If a repair is needed, rest assured – you have verified evidence of your system’s performance before and after a completed repair.
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