Water Damage Repair

WaterDamageNatural disasters or a broken pipe can cause significant water damage.  Beyond damages, it can ruin valuables and even put you in a hotel for weeks! At the end of the day, you will be spending hundreds of dollars and this must be handled correctly and quickly in order to get you safely back in your home.  Water coming from unsanitary sources can cause toxic environments that cleaning alone will not remedy.  Drywall needs to be replaced, furnaces, water heaters and so on.  We at Reliable Heating and Air do not sub contract out any of this work as do all other restoration companies. We 100% handle every aspect of your restoration top to bottom.

So, what happens when water comes into your home unwanted? Obviously, wood will warp, leather items will shrink, and carpets can conceal a strong odor!  Drywall that is exposed to water, even if it is only an inch of wall, will wick up the water and actually crawl further up the wall and needs to be replaced sometimes to its entirety. This is just one example of the damage water can cause to your home beyond what the naked eye can see.

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