Smart Monitoring for your Heating and Air Conditioning System

05What is smart monitoring for my ac unit?
Similar to how your car will alert you with a check engine light that something is mechanically wrong- that is smart monitoring for your HVAC unit. By placing sensors on your heating and cooling units that communicate with each other they will let you know exactly what is going on with your AC system. Through diagnostic alerts we can proactively monitor and predict an air handler or furnace malfunction before it occurs. You will also receive monthly reports containing insight into the health status of your equipment along with what is costs to run and how efficiently it is running.

I have an old unit that is working fine?
ComfortGuard helps ensure YOUR unit is working to its peak efficiency. ComfortGuard HVAC smart monitoring helps identify and confirm the efficiency level. Maintaining efficiency lowers your energy bill and extends your unit’s life. Simply put, your unit might not have to work as hard as it currently is.

Big Data and Personal Attention
Big data is helpful but it is only a tool. Technology by itself is not a solution. But combined with our certified professional technicians we offer a total solution unmatched in our industry.

Last but not least…have you ever doubted a technician’s diagnosis? Thought “Hey! Maybe that isn’t what’s wrong with my unit?” Never doubt again! Should a repair ever be needed you now have real evidence how your system was performing both before and following the repair. That’s powerful.

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