Gas Pipe Services

Reliable’s Plumbing Division can handle all types and sizes of gas pipe projects. From installing a gas grill line to large industrial gas piping, Reliable does jobs quickly and efficiently. Reliable is an AGL Natural Gas Advantage Dealer and can take care of all your gas projects.

Gas Meter gas-meter
If you buy a home that has had the gas turned off for an extended length of time, the local gas company requires a permit be pulled and a gas pressure test and safety inspection be performed before new service can be established. Reliable can handle these inspections quickly allowing you to establish service and move into your home with assurance your family is safe.

gas-grillsGas Grills
Gas cooking grills are a great addition to any home, but having to constantly change LP tanks can be hassle. Running out of propane just before you’re done grilling is extremely frustrating. Have Reliable install a new natural gas grill and line and you will never have to worry again. It is much cheaper and less hassle to always be able to have clean, easy, natural gas at your finger tip when you need it.

Gas Stove/Rangegas-stove_range
In older homes, it was quite common to find electric ovens and cook tops. Now everyone wants gas stoves and cook tops. Reliable can handle all the necessary piping and shut off valves needed to convert your home from electric to gas and install all needed hook ups to your new appliance.

We also perform work on the following:

  • Gas Generators

  • Gas Lines for Pool Heaters

  • Gas Leaks Inspection
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