Ceiling Fan Installation


Why Ceiling Fans?

One of the most cost effective appliances you can have in your home to enhance your comfort is a ceiling mounted fan. They are available in a variety of shapes and designs and can enhance the looks of any room in your home.

In the winter, a properly installed ceiling fan can be used to push hot air down on the occupants of a room providing “free heating” and in the summer the fans direction can be changed to provide enhanced cooling and a higher level of comfort by providing air movement and circulation.

Can I install a fan myself?

Some people feel comfortable performing this type of work themselves, but most homeowners do not like the combination of high voltage electrical wiring, carpentry and ladder climbing that is required to properly install a fan.

A ceiling fan often requires a new electrical box to be installed and mounted to a roof truss and if it is not secured properly, it could fall due to the weight and movement of unit. Reliable Heating & Air electricians are trained to securely and properly mount fans so you can be assured of a safe installation.

Do I purchase my fans from Reliable?

Due to the many different types and brands of fans on the market today, it is preferred that one purchases their fans online or at one of the big box stores and simply call us when you get them in your home. Reliable Heating & Air electricians will take it from there and will provide any materials needed to install your new ceiling fans.

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